ViaMichelin Android App GPS Routes

ViaMichelin Android App GPS Routes

ViaMichelin Android App GPS Routes

It used to be necessary to have multiple devices, each with a specific function, to listen to music, watch videos, check the time, calculators, messages and calls, and more; Technological advances have made it possible to integrate all these basic functions into smartphones, including GPS. We have several applications for this task, and two of the most famous are Google Maps and ViaMichelin. In this article, we will talk about the latter mentioned.

ViaMichelin is a GPS platform created by the company of the same name, known for selling automotive products such as tires and others. Continuing with the GPS platform, it works like Google Maps, so you can understand what it means; however, ViaMichelin is more focused on road travel and road travel in general.

Based on the latter, it becomes one of the better options for drivers than for people who need GPS as an everyday application. Since it contains certain exclusive features that not only Google Maps but also other applications lack.

Viamichelin and its exclusive features for drivers

Since its target audience is road travelers, it makes it one of the best GPS navigators for these purposes and many more due to its features. Here’s what makes them different from other apps and/or platforms:


The second function is one of the most important, if we look at the top of the application, we will see an icon that when touched. It will show us all the gas stations and pumps around us, we can adjust the radius to show us those gas stations in more or less space if we want.
The first feature we should mention is that it allows us to calculate the cost of a car trip. Here, taking into account the brand, model, year of manufacture, cylinder volume and other data of our car. This is possible because the application itself allows us to register our car and takes into account all the information we provide, as well as the distance we will drive, to determine the price of the next trip.
The third ViaMichelin exclusive feature is not exclusive as such, as Google Maps itself has it. However, ViaMichelin improves it a lot and it’s the notification settings, we can tweak the ones we just want to display.
other features

In addition to these ViaMichelin features, there are others worth mentioning to differentiate this app from the rest of the GPS platforms and apps. The maps have their own personality and were created by the company itself, the application will be responsible for displaying traffic graphics on the streets and the direction that each street has with the arrows that indicate it.

The most important feature we can notice is the speeding alarm, which, if we set it up correctly, can work if we exceed the speed limit on a certain road, knowing that roads usually show us signs with this limit. This is one of the most implemented features as it reduces the number of traffic accidents and we learn about safe driving.

More Important ViaMichelin Features – Route Personalization

As if that wasn’t enough, ViaMichelin continues to surprise us even more with route personalization. They allow us to choose roads with more or less traffic, the cheapest, the least toll, the fastest, in short; great setting.

At the time when we make a trip, we receive information about how much fuel we spend. Other users registered with ViaMichelin will upload information about road conditions, traffic jams, accidents, specific areas of danger.

Setting the map view

We know that in Google Maps we have a view in satellite mode or in simple mode. This helps us to ensure that devices consume less resources and don’t waste as much battery. ViaMichelin also has these two display modes, but there is also a third one developed by the same developers that is quite interactive and intuitive for humans.

However, if you choose more specific maps that only show routes, restaurants, pumps, or any other important destinations, you can. Since the application supports this setting and will give you the necessary instructions for this. If you love history and information about the places you visit, ViaMichelin has an information bank for that too.

One of the most specific places on the planet and with the most information on the ViaMichelin app is Europe. However, other sites also have fairly accurate and detailed information, you will not be left in the red.


The application supports both desktop, portable and computer devices, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, it turns out to be one of the

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