What requirements must your PC have to broadcast in streaming

What requirements must your PC have to broadcast in streaming

What requirements must your PC have to broadcast in streaming

Gone are the days when you  played alone at home  with your console or computer. First there was the  online game , which allowed you to have fun with or against other people over the Internet while having a voice conversation. And for a few years, while you’re playing you can  show your best moves to the world , recorded and live. Streaming your gaming sessions is the order of the day. Hence the success of platforms like Twitch or YouTube. In them you can stream and show your gaming PC or computer to play. But how can you stream?

To broadcast in streaming you only need  a gaming equipment . On this occasion, we will use a computer to play. It can be a  gaming PC , one of the most powerful on the market, or a computer with good graphics. Second, you will need a  good internet connection to  broadcast live. Movistar , for example, allows you to play online at speeds of 300 MB, 600 MB or even 1 GB thanks to its  fiber optics . That and some other hardware component that we review below.

What elements do you need to stream your gaming

Let  ‘s ask Twitch , the most popular portal for streaming your online games. What  components or accessories  are recommended or useful for streaming?

Microphone : essential to speak during the broadcast.

Capture card : it is not mandatory, but it helps in production tasks.

Live Content Control – It is a device with buttons with customizable actions.

Audio capture device : the same as the video capture device, to broadcast various audio sources.

Green screen : to cover the background if you are going to appear on the screen. You can schedule images.

The  basic equipment  is a PC with Internet access. But having a camera and microphone helps spice up your broadcasts by commenting on them live and showing your reactions and expressions. And if you want  to professionalize yourself , the rest of the components will pave the way for you if you emit two or more things at the same time on the screen or want to launch visual and sound effects in real time.

That at the hardware level. Software-wise, Twitch has  its own software  to stream your gameplay online. It’s called  Twitch Studio , it’s free and you can use it on Windows and Mac. It will help you configure your computer to broadcast online, appear on screen, put your voice over, see the comments of those who see you live, etc. You can also use other apps, like  OBS  or  Xsplit .

Requirements of your PC to broadcast in streaming          

In principle, any gaming computer is valid for streaming your gaming. Twitch, for example, gives us some clues about the requirements of your PC to use its  Twitch Studio software  and for everything to go smoothly during online play and during the streaming of your gameplay.

Your PC must have  Windows 10  64-bit or higher versions installed, such as the newly released  Windows 11 . It also works, at the moment, on Windows 7 64-bit.


RAM memory . Your gaming PC must have  between 4 and 8 GB of memory . Currently, gaming PCs usually have 16 GB at least, so it’s not a problem.

Processor . Another important component to run the latest online games. Your processor, Intel or AMD, must have  between 4 and 8 cores . This way you will be able to perform in conditions facing the game and facing the task of broadcasting the image online.

And finally, the star hardware. The  GPU or graphics card . Twitch recommends that it be compatible with NVIDIA GTX 10 series or AMD RX 400 series models. From there, the more the better.

What about the internet connection

Now that we know what your gaming PC or computer should be like to play if you want  to stream while you play  and the add-ons or accessories that will help you produce the broadcast in real time without anyone’s help, touch on one of the most important. The Internet connection.

And it is that  broadcasting online or broadcasting in streaming  consists of  sending audio and video  from your computer to tens, hundreds or thousands of computers around the world. The contemporary version of what  television or platforms  like Netflix or  Movistar+ do . Obviously you don’t have the same infrastructure, but thanks to  a good fiber optic connection  you will be able to make a home version so that everyone can see how you play online.

What is the  necessary bandwidth  to stream your gaming? At least a  100 MB  fiber optic connection. It will guarantee you to broadcast video and audio at 1080p quality and 60 frames per second. Twitch , for example, recommends a bandwidth of between 2.5 and 4 Mbps and 160 Kbps of audio. For its part,  YouTube  settles for between 1.5 and 4 Mbps for video and 128 Kbps for audio.

From there, obviously, the more bandwidth you have, the better. Better for streaming but also for performing other tasks in parallel, such as downloading files,  playing games online without latency problems  or so that other people in the rest of your home can enjoy services that require bandwidth such as video calls, watch movies online , etc. Remember that with Movistar you can contract speeds of 300 MB, 600 MB and up to 1 GB .

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