5 essential apps for entrepreneurs

5 essential apps for entrepreneurs

5 essential apps for entrepreneurs

Technology has shown that today it is much easier to manage a business digitally , and that is why there are countless apps on the market suitable for entrepreneurs that will help you be more productive.

The coolest thing of all is that it is at your fingertips through your smartphone.

Apps or mobile applications are suitable to help you in the difficult task of keeping your business afloat.

They are appropriate and useful for you, an entrepreneur looking to boost your productivity and efficiently carry out your digital enterprise.

And, without further ado, here I present the 5 essential apps for entrepreneurs that cannot be missing from your smartphone .


This application will help you manage your projects and organize your ideas, whether you work with a team or individually in your startup.

The Trello tool has boards and cards that will allow you to make different notes, place the different day-to-day tasks and how to manage them, as well as add a reminder for the delivery date of your project.

2. Canvas

It is a spectacular tool for content design and especially useful for non-designers.

Canva forms the basis of its drag-and-drop operation and provides access to millions of stock photos, vectors, graphics, and fonts.

It is ideal for you entrepreneur who is looking for fast design and adjusted to your brand. This application will allow you to share on your social networks like a professional.


If you want to keep your content programming productive on social networks, this application is ideal for you. With Buffer you can schedule content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4.Google Calendar

It is ideal for you entrepreneur looking to synchronize all your information with your email. This is a tool that will help with the planning and organization of your day to day.

5.Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper has a pomodoro technique, which consists of managing your time with a timer to remind you to take breaks between tasks and thus be more productive and not exhaust your mental strength.

This tool will allow you to take the necessary breaks to keep your body and mind always active, healthy and, above all, productive.

Here I have shared 5 essential apps that will be useful for your business and so you can download them to your smartphone according to your needs.

These applications will make your life more comfortable as an entrepreneur, they will help you stay active on the different platforms and, in turn, will allow you to reach a larger audience and captivate a larger number of clients.

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